Legal update: Nightingale Court now open at Cloth Hall Court in Leeds 

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the conduct of litigation, particularly regarding enforcement and insolvency.   

We have seen the Court, practitioners and parties adapting well to the challenges posed by operating in difficult circumstances.  Members of our team have attended a number of remote video hearings.  We anticipate that the flexibility of remote hearings and the ongoing need for social distancing is likely to mean they will be a prominent feature of the conduct of litigation for the foreseeable future.  Remote hearings are likely to be particularly appropriate to routine/procedural hearings and are in fact a longstanding feature of the Civil Procedure Rules. 

Notwithstanding that, we are pleased to see further accommodation being made so that hearings can take place in person.  With effect from Friday, one of the Nightingale Courts has opened at Cloth Hall Court, near our offices in central Leeds.  This will provide additional capacity for civil trial and Business and Property Court work.  More information on the operation of the Nightingale Courts is available here. 

Author: Nigel Brook